With the permission of Global Caché I have made Mac OS X versions of the iLearn, iHelp, iTest and iConvert applications.

System requirements:
  • You have to own a Global Caché product like the GC100, iTach, GC-IRL, GC-IRE to be able to test the applications (if you want to test IR codes in iLearn, you need an IR capable iTach or a GC100).
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

I have tested the applications with an GC100-12, an iTach WF2IR and a GC-IRL running Mac OS X 10.6.5 - 10.7.3 on a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro using a wired and a WiFi network connection.

See the pages for each application for the download link.

If you are sending a message using the contact form then please add the following information:
  • What Global Caché products you have
  • Mac OS X version
  • Kind of network connection (wired and/of WiFi)

  • Add documentation and help

On this site you will also find a utility to export HEX codes from Pronto™ to a text-file or an iRule-file.

If you have any remarks, questions, suggestions, bug-reports, etc. then please also use the contact form.