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About iHelp

iHelp is used to find Flex, iTach and GC100 units on the same network using the same subnet. And you can open the web configuration page from the Flex, iTach or GC100 from iHelp using right-click on the selected line.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If you are using a firewall, then either disable it temporarily, or allow iHelp to receive network traffic (iHelp joins the network multicast group at address on port 9131 in order to receive Global Cache unit discovery beacons).
  • iHelp is not able to detect GC-100 units with a firmware version below release 3.0 (the discovery beacon is not sent by these units).
  • iHelp cannot update GC-100 units, these units have to be sent to Global Cache to be updated.
Please note: iHelp only supports unit bought from Global Caché for firmware updates. Updating rebranded units is not supported.

If you have questions or suggestions then please use the 'Send Email...' option in the Help menu from the application.