iLearn Learning the IR codes

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About iLearn

iLearn is used to learn IR codes from your remote controls using the GC-IRL or an iTach (Flex) unit from Global Caché.

Learning can be done with:

  • The GC-IRL connected using an USB-Serial adapter (according to the Global Caché support website the Keyspan is not supported)
  • The GC-IRL connected to a GC100 unit or an serial iTach (Flex) unit
  • An iTach unit (including the iTach Flex)
You can save the learned codes to a TXT-file.
You can also test your learned codes using a GC100 or an iTach (Flex) unit.


  • Make sure that the distance between the remote and the hole is no more than 2 inches / 5 cm
  • A lot of (day)light makes it more difficult to learn the IR codes
  • A tutorial can be found on the website of Global Caché at
If you have questions or suggestions then please use the 'Send Email...' option in the Help menu from the application.